Recent published funding opportunities:

Funding Number Funding Title
AF DRC FY21 POL 01 FY 2021 Julia Taft Refugee Fund, U.S. Embassy Kinshasa
DOS KAZ NS PAS 20 011 Kazakhstan American Corners Grants
20JD04 Establishing a Correctional Case Management Model for Jails Training Program
EAPBJ 20 GR 001 EAP 051520 Public Diplomacy Programming in the People's Republic of China
AFYDE ARDF GR POLECON 2020 ARDF-Democracy, Human Rights and Governance Program, POL/ECON, U.S. Embassy Yaounde
SFOP0006802 DRL FY19: Cuba Proposals
PAS PRISTINA FY20 01 Pristina Small Grants: Making Kosovo “My Home” through Education, Inclusion and Anti-Corruption Actions
SFOP0006239 2020 CTR Enforcing Sanctions Against the DPRK's WMD Program
SFOP0005767 FY 2020 International Visitor Leadership Program Collaborative Services
PAS KTM AFCP SMALL FY2019 Notice of Funding Opportunity: AFCP Small Grant Competition
P18AS00446 Cultural Landscapes and Asset Management Internship
F18AS00239 San Luis Valley Sandhill Crane Food Study
SFOP0005103 Strat. Trade Control Support for Macedonia-Montenegro-Serbia
AH2018 Ukraine: America House Kyiv Program
BAA 267 NINEWA 2017 USAID BAA for Building Resilience in the Ninewa Plains and Western Ninewa
NPS 17 NERO 0188 Student Conservation Internship for Heritage Area Program
P17AS00342 Assessing the Transferability of a Historic Resources Decision Support Model to Optimize Budget Allocation for Adaptation Planning
PASAUS NOFO FY17 2 Young Pacific Leaders Conference 2017/2018
NPS 17 NERO 0002 Journey through Hallowed Ground National Heritage Area


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